New Year Discounts and December Updates

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Newsletter Updates plugin

1 We have added Popular Updates widget for actions. From now it is possible to calculate the most popular actions for the last month based on the number of comments and likes.

2 You can make a mass mail in the language selected by the user. If the user chose a certain language in the profile settings, then the emails will be sent in this language. If there is no any settings the default language will be used.



Page-Instagram plugin

  • Added a setting that limits the number of photos in the album.
  • We’ve created a widget Instagram photos, which displays photos randomly from Page Album Instagram widget. The widget only works on the pages. When clicking on the photo, it opens in the Photoviewer.



Android CometChat integration

iOS CometChat integration

We are happy to announce about full integration of CometChat with our Touch-Mobile plugin and applications! Check out our highly discounted packages with CometChat plugin.