Build SocialEngine Mobile App in Android & iOS for your Social Community

Get Mobile Apps that are faster, easier, more intuitive, convenient, and have more features to engage with customers, like push messages. We offer over various features that turn your SocialEngine App into an effective Business tool. Now it is not necessary to have desktops or laptops to use your SocialEngine community. The members can easily visit your store by using the mobile application (Android/iOS) on the go. The mobile application has better user experience with splendid features and functionalities and it is fully compatible with your default Magento Store. The mobile application provides a user-friendly experience and enhances the customers’ engagement over the mobile platform. So what you waiting for, you must have a mobile app with great features & functionalities for your store.

What You Will Get

The development of mobile apps for any server-side web application is becoming very conventional these days. Many of our clients want us to develop mobile apps that integrate with their SocialEngine. This blog explains the integration between mobile app and SocialEngine using a simple example of authentication. We decided to use the SocialEngine basic module structure with the Restful and JSON architecture.

1. Free trial of a mobile app

Free trial for the Socialengine Android App, customized with your own look and feel. We pick up the logo and colors from your website during the free trial and we can change them to anything of your choice.

2.Connect, Collaborate and Communicate

Native Android apps integrate easily and securely with sites built on the Socialengine Platform. Get in touch with your colleagues, fans and groups, share your albums and Videos, and more – at any time, from anywhere.

3. Pay as you go

Instead of incurring large upfront costs on the development of a mobile app, you only pay a small monthly fee after the end of the trial period. Online community app development can be very challenging if done from scratch, and it can cost a lot. Why reinvent the wheel and go through all the problems when you can pay a small monthly fee from the beginning? Prices start as low as $60 per month.

4. Easy Customization

As you experience increased community user engagements through the mobile app, you will probably want the app to reflect the uniqueness of your unique marketplace. We offer customization services for your very own look and feel.

SocialEngine Mobile App

Our Amazing Features

Modern business reality dictates new rules of mobile application development. Here are some key features that are used in mobile apps: from simplicity in design to mobile augmented reality and involvement of data science and machine learning to build smarter software products that can learn everything about your customers. We will illustrate these points with lots of comprehensive cases from our own experience.

White Label and User-Centric Interface

Your community is 100% yours! No ads, link-backs or graphics. All major functionalities bundled with SocialEngine out of the box as listed below, in a nice and compact user interface.

1. Real-time updates

Send your community users a push message including offers, any announcements or special events on their smartphone, and keep them engaged.

2. Who Viewed Profile

Allows community users to view the people who are looking at your profile, and it does so in a simple and accessible manner.

3. Facebook and Twitter Integration

Using the Facebook Connect/Twitter authentication feature, you can allow your website visitors to use their Facebook/Twitter account to register and log in to your site.

4. Mobile OTP Support

Phone-based authentication with SMS and real-time number verification provides the ideal mix of convenience, security, and low cost that helps the community grow with real users.

5. Synchronizations

Any changes on the website to the SocialEngine Modules will get automatically reflected in your mobile app. So you don’t have to perform the changes on your app again.


In the end, every business – big or small – will eventually need to develop a mobile app to allow customers to reach them from wherever they are. Its surprising how tapping into some of your phone’s lesser-known features can facilitate an engaging connection with your customers. To reduce your work, we have already created a full version of the above API in the Socialengine API Plugin, which comes with a range of functions. If you install it, you just have to develop the mobile app and you don’t have to write any code for SocialEngine.


Android Mobile App

iOS Mobile App

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