February Updates

Please check out our latest updates!



Advanced Events Plugin



Search by Location

Now users are able to search events by location. This feature is significantly facilitates finding events and joining them.



Checking tickets become easier than ever before

Status for tickets (used / unused). The administrator can mark each ticket as used in the Admin Panel to prevent cheating and reusing the ticket.

Also the list of sold tickets and the live search are added in Admin Panel.


Check the validity of tickets via QR 6code

Each ticket has a unique QR Code. An administrator can easily verify its authenticity and get all the necessary information in seconds just by scanning it via smartphone.



  Friends Inviter Plugin



New video tutorials integrated into the Admin area

We have added the button “See Tutorial” for each provider on the providers Settings page in Admin Panel. You can see the tutorial without leaving the page by only one click on it. That’s cool!




Touch-Mobile Plugin


New Design for Albums


The new design is more intuitive and user-friendly.

green-arrow-mdThe creation of albums becomes easier. Additional options are hidden by default.

green-arrow-mdThe user can click on the advanced options button, and setup it.


Other Improvements

Store: Reviews on “Product Preview” page

Touch-Mobile: The commenting actions have design similar to Facebook’s.

Advanced Photo Albums: Live search of the photos




We are doing customizations

We have 5 years experience in SocialEngine customization and plugins development. We constantly learn and search innovations. It allows us to provide top notch services and solutions.

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Optimization of Touch Mobile Plugin

Nice to see you, dear user! :) I would like to inform you about latest news in our company.

apptouch_icon     Our Touch Mobile Plugin is very multipurpose and has a lot of features. But we have made a small research and found that some of features are almost not used and have a bit complicated usability. In purpose of optimization we removed the following functions from Touch Mobile Plugin.

Removed the creation of

• Blogs
• Events
• Pages

Removed the editing of
• Albums
• Video
• Music
• Pages
• Groups
• Events

Also we simplified the management of products in the Store and identified the most popular features of the plugin. We plan to make Touch Mobile Plugin simple, but interactive. :)

If you have any ideas please share them – https://hireexperts.uservoice.com/forums/249457-socialengine

Thank you for being with us!

Best regards,

Zhazgul and Hire-Experts Team. :)

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Some small improvements in Pages, Likes & Credits plugins!

Hi people! Here is the summary of what our humble team has modernized:
1. Pages plugin – The error with marker position on the map while page searching is fixed now.

2. Likes plugin – Likes displaying in News feed error eliminated.
3. Credits plugin – The error when user is deleted and top members list is not displaying is now liquidated.
So as for now, our brave developers are working to enhance several features in Friends Inviter plugin, so please stay tuned, folks!
And, do not forget about our MAJOR September update dedicated to Mobile solutions and applications which is going to be released between this and next week.

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